It's OK to not know everything at each stage of your creative business journey. The most important part is to start!
And since you're here, I'm sure you've already done your first steps, how cool is that? I'm proud of you. In small businesses, lots of people learn by doing - it's impossible to be prepared for everything, it's sometimes difficult to plan ahead, eventually you make mistakes, learn your lessons, get up and move on. I dare to say though, that in the art business we take things particularly hard because creative people are often sensitive and fragile. If you're anything like me, you know what it's like to fight the self-doubt constantly, to be scared of failure, and to question your entire existence when a potential customer doesn't follow through with the purchase.

It's hard to run and grow a business when you have to figure everything out on your own and work through the fears at the same time!
I've been there too.
As a marketing professional, and an artist myself, I know exactly what most artists go through in the beginning of their business journey. And I can help to make it easier and smoother for you.
By spending more time talking to fellow artists, sharing experiences, and discussing common problems, I realized that a lot of things I thought everyone knew - aren't so intuitively easy for everyone else. I've managed to grow my business and stabilize sales of art and online teaching in a relatively short time frame, and it made me realize I could do more for the artist community.
That's why in 2022 I am focusing on helping other artists start and grow their business.
Welcome to 1:1 marketing & business coaching with me!

What can my 1:1 mentorship help you with:
  • Identify your target audience, figure your your niche, branding, sales channels
  • Set up online shop & provide you with tools for getting control over your art sales
  • Identify OFFLINE sales channels and create a sales strategy for those
  • Create a social media strategy, figure out content planning + growth strategy for Instagram
  • Setting up a system that will allow you sell art consistently
  • Work through the fears and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from taking action
  • Brainstorm ideas, plan your next moves, get feedback on your strategy
  • Free your head from a mental load of carrying one thousand invisible tasks alone
Coaching means that I'll help you figure out what works FOR YOU and YOUR sales. You'll be guided on every step, and we'll set goals and create a plan with necessary actions to take - to get to your success. Coaching doesn't mean outsourcing your entire business management to someone. It means guidance - providing you with knowledge and tools to help you understand what's right for your business. In the end, your success is entirely your merit. How great would it be to get there? :)
- You're taking your first steps in the business and have no idea and no plan on how to make sales happen

- You've started selling art, but have no strategy and you're tired of guessing every next move

- You are confused about what to do on Instagram and how to make it work for your sales

- You don't understand what your niche and target audience are, and how to reach people who would buy from you

- Your art sales are occasional and you'd like to make them more stable

-You have a good understanding of your business and how it works, but need to bump ideas off of another professional artist and get peer feedback on strategies and generally just stop carrying it all alone
1:1 Marketing & business coaching for artists
1 month package
The package includes 4 weekly meetings; please contact @yes.artmarketing about nearest availability, since the spots are limited every month.
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