A 3-week intensive training for visual artists,
tools and knowledge to build a sustainable art business online:

- how to use Instagram to promote your art & get sales
- personal brand, content strategy, target audience - make the most of your account
- how to attract the right people & convert them into art buyers
- marketing & sales tools for art sellers
- building customer loyalty & sustainable income from art sales
and more
Instagram is the #1 platform for artists and makers worldwide to promote their products. With the right strategy, you will be able to grow your account and turn your followers into art collectors.
The key is to connect with the right audience, keep their interest and engagement, and create excitement when offering your art for sale.

I will tell you how to do it consistently - following the strategy, creating quality content easily and without burnout.
The program
  • 3 weeks
    Guidance, support & new ideas for your
    Instagram strategy
  • 6 live calls
    Live lessons with Q&As, each focused on a specific side of the business
  • 15 students
    Limited seating in the group - for everyone to get enough attention and stay motivated during the training
The Bootcamp is the right fit for you, if
You're new to professional Instagram
You created your art account recently and don't have an experience or an understanding of how to run a business account effectively.
You are not sure if what you're doing on Instagram is right
You've posted various content with your art for a while, but nothing major happened and you are looking for ways to improve your Instagram presence
You've sold some art already and want to take it seriously and make the most out of your Instagram
You're looking to develop a strategic approach to Instagram and a business mindset, you need more personalised guidance and support
How it's going to work
6 live calls on Zoom
The calls will happen at 6 pm Central European time (9 am Pacific time).
The schedule:
Call 1: March 7
Call 2: March 10
Call 3: March 14
Call 4: March 17
Call 5: March 20
Call 6: March 24
Closed Facebook group
All the lesson recordings will be available through the FB group forever; there will be space for asking questions, getting feedback on your homework & communicate with other artists.
Even if you don't manage to attend LIVE sessions due to time difference or other commitments, the recordings will be available to you, and you can watch them on your own time; the window for Q&A will be open until the end of the course (March 24).
More reviews from the students:
the enrollment is now closed.
Follow @yes.artmarketing on Instagram to stay updated on the course reopening.
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