Gift vouchers
People often want to be able to choose art for their home - and that's understandable, one should have a choice of what to put on their walls, right? So if you're thinking of giving someone a painting as a gift, consider a gift voucher. It's up to you, of course! You can absolutely buy an actual painting instead. These are here to free you of the decision-making burden :)
The gift voucher will be sent to you as a nice printable A4-pdf with a unique code.
Happy shopping!
How to use gift vouchers
You can use the credit for buying any available artwork on the website

In order to use the voucher, type the gift code in the field "Promo code" on your checkout and the discount will be applied.

You can use the credit as a discount, if your purchase total is higher than the credit on the voucher - in this case you just pay the rest.

If the voucher credit is higher than your purchase total - for example if the voucher is worth €150 and your total to pay is €100, - you can use the remaining €50 for your next purchase using the same code.

The gift voucher credit covers the price of the product; however, shipping is not covered and needs to be paid separately.

The gift voucher is not personalized and can be transferred to another person. The gift voucher is not refundable and can't be returned for cash.

Vouchers have an expiration date. All vouchers purchased before May 31, 2021 are valid until January 1, 2022. Vouchers purchased on June 1, 2021 and later are valid until May 31, 2022.

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